Solar Eclipse - 21st June 2020

About the Eclipse

The first solar eclipse of the year 2020 will happen next week on June 21, 2020. It will be an annular solar eclipse where the Moon will cover the Sun from the center leaving the outer rim visible, thus creating a ring of fire in the sky. It happens because the Moon is far away from Earth and its relative size is not big enough to entirely cover the Sun. This eclipse will be visible in India as well as parts of Europe, Asia, the north of Australia, Africa, the Pacific, and the Indian Ocean.

A Solar Eclipse or Surya Grahan Is a regular phenomenon that happens every 6 months when Sun transits over Rahu or Ketu. The Eclipse is an astronomical phenomenon, but its effect has been analyzed in great detail in astrological literature both on mundane as well as the individual level. In Brihat Samhita, the author Varah Mihir gives an exhaustive explanation of eclipses and their effects.

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