Kaal Hora: The Magnificent Nadi Jewel

The method, known as Kaal Hora, is one of the Jewels from Nadi Astrology which is the most basic ingredient of almost all of my predictions. Be it verification of birth time, horary predictions, electional predictions, natal predictions, or for any important activity of my personal day to day life. I may not use the other common methods such as Vimshottari Dasha, houses and lordships, divisional charts, etc. but I just cannot skip the Kaal Hora. It is not the only tool I use, but it is certainly one I never miss.

If asked about what is the most important tool for day to day predictions, then without a doubt and without hesitation I can say that it undoubtedly is Kaal Hora. The so called miracles of Nadi Astrology are nothing but the predictive ability of several tools such as the Kaal Hora. It has been a well guarded secret for ages and even the most ancient treatise written on it is crypted enough to make it difficult to clearly decipher without relevant knowledge.

In most systems of Vedic astrology, the Kaal Hora is a part of Electional astrology or Muhurat Shastra with minimum to no importance given to it. However, in Nadi Jyotish it is an entire system of prediction of its own accredited to one of the seven ancient Saptrishis, Maharishi Kashyap. The method is described as “the most excellent” in several texts and has an astonishing accuracy.

Some of the important usages other than in Nadi Astrology are:

  • In Kaal Bal determination, maximum Rupa Bal (1 Rupa or 60 Virupa) is allotted to Kaal Hora lord.
  • The ruler of the first hora of day is day lord, similarly lord of first hora of month is ruler of month and the ruler of first hora of year is year lord.
  • In Tithi Pravesh Chakra, hora lord has been given prime importance.
  • As per Brihat Jatak, “The lords of the year, month, day and hora improve two fold in their dasas happiness, wealth and fame.” That is, the lord of the month gives twice the results as against year lord. The week lord gives twice the results of month lord and hora lord gives again twice the result of day lord.
  • In financial astrology, Kaal Hora along with Ghabad muhurt gives the most reliable result.

A Hora is nothing but an “hour” or a fixed span of time ruled by a specific planet. The “hour” is not a fixed span of 60 minutes which we know of, but varies from time to time. It could be of 50 minutes at times, or 72 minutes or anything. The order of the hora is also easily derived without any cumbersome calculation process.

The mathematics of Hora:

There are two different horas, based on their duration:

  1. Day hora
  2. Night hora

Day horas are those that run between sunrise to sunset. While night horas are those that run between sunset to the next day’s sunrise. There is no difference between them but I have just named them for clarity as horas differ in length in day-time and night-time.

In any day, just like we have 24 hours, we have 24 horas. 12 day horas and 12 night horas. But unlike the fixed 60 minute hours, the day horas are 12 equal divisions from the sunrise to sunset while the night horas are 12 equal divisions from sunset to sunrise. Hence, depending on the length of a day-time and night-time, the horas vary.

For eg. If Sun rises at 5:46am and sets at 6:22pm then the day time spans 756 minutes. Hence, 756/12 gives us 63 minutes for each of day hora. Calculating similarly the time from sunset to next day sunrise, we will get the night horas as 57 minutes. Thus, from 5:46 am at sunrise, every 63 minutes would be an hora ruled by a planet. After the completion of 12 horas, the Sun would set at 6:22pm and from there on, each hora would be of 57 minutes instead of 63 minutes till the next day sunrise.

Order of Hora:

  • Each day, the first hora is of the day lord. Like, Sunday begins with the hora of Sun, Monday with the Hora of Moon, Tuesday with Mars, Wednesday with Mercury, Thursday with Jupiter, Friday with Venus and Saturday with Saturn.
  • Thereafter, each hora is of the lord of last to last day. After Sun it is Venus (From sunday, last to last day is Friday). After Venus is Mercury, then Moon, then Saturn, followed by Jupiter, Mars and Sun again.
  • So, for a Sunday, the order is:
    1. Sun (First hora of day, span of 63 minutes)
    2. Venus
    3. Mercury
    4. Moon
    5. Saturn
    6. Jupiter
    7. Mars
    8. Sun
    9. Venus
    10. Mercury
    11. Moon
    12. Saturn (12th hora, last hora of the day which ends at Sunset)
    13. Jupiter (First hora after Sunset, hora span of 57 minutes)

As you see, the day begins with the hora of day lord and the day ends (sunset) with the hora of the previous day’s lord (Saturn rules Saturday, the previous day of Sunday).

For those not interested in calculation, a windows app by the name ChronosXP and an android one named Astrosage Hora provide hourly notification and update of what hora is running. Just feed in your location and all set.

Using the Kaal Hora:

Results of horas are varied. Being a Nadi method, there is no limitation to its interpretation and no rules you need to stick to. It can be applied in any manner you see fit and the more you explore the results the more you can predict with it. Even for laymen, you can very easily predict your day to day affairs and outcomes. As long as the basic principles used for applying the method are correct and understanding of planetary significations is perfect, the results would be perfect.

Since it is an entire system on its own, I will not cover it exhaustively but there are several basic things you can know and use. Not one bit of it requires any calculation or analysis. While with other systems you need to analyze a lot of aspects, need to study the question etc. with Kaal Hora it is possible to even predict what question a client will put forth, what the answer will be, how will the person be dresses, what he/she would be doing in life etc.

The key aspects which can easily be used are:

  1. Take note of the hora lord when you were born. That planet will be the major influencer of your life, as good as the ascendant and ascendant lord. Horas of ascendant lord and birth hora lord are favorable for most people. The house where the hora lord sits will be the most prominent entity of your life. The dasha of that planet will be productive.
  2. Major events happen in the hora of Dasha lord and birth hora lord/ascendant lord. Weak planets in the horoscope will not be give positive results in their hora. Same way, inimical planets to dasha lord will obstruct success.
  3. All strong planets of horoscope will give favorable results in their hora. If any hora gives bad results, know that it is not favorable in your horoscope or from the dasha lord.

Other than these, there are planetary significance which primarily determine the nature of results and which hora to use for what purpose.

  1. Sun: Any work related to government, charity, authority, etc. is best done in the hora of Sun. Additionally, things that come out of the mouth in the hora of Sun often come true (if said unplanned and unintentionally). Sun denotes authority, so anything relating to authority has positive results while anything opposite of authority is negative. Servants should not be hired in the hora of Sun. Subordinates should not be rewarded in the hora of Sun, resignations must not be given to your boss in the hora of Sun. If a servant is hired in the hora of Sun, he would not obey the master.
  2. Moon: Work related to travel, mother, trade etc are suited for the hora of Moon. Moon denotes change and fluidity, hence it also denotes mind. Anything temporary, shifting, changing, fickle should be done in the hora of Moon and anything done in the hora of Moon is fickle. If you leave home in the hora of Moon, you will have a quick return. If you leave for travel, it would be smooth. If you deposit money in the bank, it would be withdrawn soon. If you get cash in Moon, it would be spent quickly.
  3. Mars: Activities related to property dealing, sports, army, etc that denote fire and physical activity are favorable in the hora of Mars. Excellent for starting gym, or participating in a sports tournament or for buying a property. However, being fiery in nature, disputes and discussions always escalate to confrontation, argumentation fights etc in the hora of Mars. Being the planet of injury, carelessness would result in accidents and injuries. Obstructions for auspicious work may occur unless Mars is favorable for the person.
  4. Mercury: Good for discussions, learning, communication, friendship etc. which are denoted by mercury. Filling up forms of Universities, taking admission, studying etc. in the hora of Mercury are generally considered good. However, Mercury also creates confusion, chaos, disputes etc. Any activity in Mercury other than those denoted by Mercury create confusion. Travelling in Mercury leads to confusion in thr route, important meetings in Mercury hora lead to no conclusion or the conclusion gets modified later on, random events that happen in mercury are bound to repeat, etc.
  5. Jupiter: This period is favorable for most activities and for general good luck. However, for negative tasks such as deception, gambling, etc. it does not yield positive results. The period is excellent for financial matters.
  6. Venus: Celebrations, events, romance, women, female relatives, money, art, luxury, cooking are most favorable in Venus. If Venus is unfavorable for someone, it may be responsible for heartbreaks as well.
  7. Saturn: Old age, death, delay, permanent changes, spirituality etc are denoted by Saturn. Almost anything in Saturn is permanent or prolonged. Hence, travelling in Saturn hora is a sure shot way of delaying your arrival at the destination. Any initiatives in Saturn hora often gets stuck and delayed beyond its stipulated time frame. But on the positive side, if you deposit money in bank today to withdraw it tomorrow, that too would be delayed. Anything done in Saturn is either permanent (if the action is completed), or delayed (if the action is started but completion is to occur later). Weddings in Saturn hora would not break no matter how much the trouble. Leaving for a meeting in Saturn hora is bound to make you late than when you expect to reach. If shifting from one city to the other, Saturn hora would ensure you never return to the previous city. If you leave your home after an argument in Saturn hora, you are sure to never come back and live in the same house.

Things under your control can be scheduled to give desired result. For things out of your control, result can be predicted. For something that you planned to schedule but could not, results are predestined as indicated by the hora lord.

Other than this, things that happen for the first time have the qualities of the Hora Lord. Meet someone in the hora of Sun for the first time and the person is bound to be influential and proud. Meet someone in Mercury and the person would talk a lot, be intelligent, and full of humor. Meet someone in Mars and the person would have a rough and more masculine appearance even if it is a girl. And so on.

Same way, join a new workplace in Mars hora and it would be more of physical work. Join in Venus and the workplace should be dominated by art and feminine presence. Visit a house in Venus and it would be pretty, well decorated, having a lot of glass work. Visit somewhere in Saturn and the house would have an antiques collection or be an ancient/old/dull construction. Get invited for food in Saturn hora and you’ll probably return home without eating or the food would be bad.

Often, when you begin your journey in a hora, you end it in that hora as well. Unless results are modified by dominant transit combinations. In which case it is the hora of the dominating planet. Promise something in a hora and it would most likely get fulfilled in that hora. Each and every incident essentially reflects in the hora, just like it reflects in the birth chart.

Hence, over time, knowing and experiencing how the horas play for you, you can decide when to do what and when to expect what. If Mars is very favorable for you, you can be sure anything important that happens in the hora of Mars will be favorable for you. But at the same time if you are to meet someone in Mars hora, you can know that you would have an argument (which would not harm you if Mars is favorable for you).

So in short, this is the general overview of the Kaal Hora method of prediction in Nadi Astrology. It has other effects too where it can be used to answer queries, predict food or color of clothes, and to make predictions about future as well without consideration of dashas, divisional charts etc. But since further elaboration needs the knowledge of the principles of Nadi astrology, I would conclude the topic here with just the description of how to predict day to day affairs. No need to depend on an astrologer, know the hora and see it in front of you.

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