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Our Premium Services
1. Horoscope Reading For 2 Years                        Price   -    Rs. 2100 / $50
It will include following points as applicable.     
  • Study & Career prospects (For student)
  • Finance or wealth (For working Person)
  • Health
  • Business prospects
  • Love or Marriage aspect
  • Family Life
  • Remedy
Note : One has to categorically mention the concerned area in which one wants to take reading.

2. Separate Reading on followings...                    Price   -    Rs. 1500 / $30 each
  • Health and Disease
  • Finance and Property
  • Marriage and Married Life
  • Carrier Prospect and Carrier Growth
  • Children, Children Prospect and Relation with Children
  • Business Prospect and Type of Business Suitable
  • Required Stones and Other Remedies

3. Vimshotary Dasa Reading For Ten Years         Price   -    Rs. 3000 / $65 each
It will include     
  • Dasa effect on various walks of life.
  • Remedy to enhance or pacify good or bad effect.

4. Specific Question & Answer         Price   -    Rs. 1500 / $30 each
It will based on     
  • On the basis of natal chart.
  • or
  • On the basis of horary chart

5. Annual Membership         Price   -    Rs. 11000 / $250 Per Year
They will be provided separate login id for specific monthly forecast and reading with remedy. They will be free to ask 2 questions per month.

6. Matching for Marriage         Price   -    Rs. 1500 / $30 each
Is done on the basis of …     
  • Rashi and Nakashtra.
  • Lagna.
  • Mutual planetary disposition in respect to compatibility, issue, finance and longevity.

7. Muhurth (Auspicious Time Selection)         Price   -    Rs. 1500 / $40 each
Most important and often ignored aspect of astrology in this section one can get
important muhurth for different purposes such as marriage, business,education,
laying of foundation of house, grih parvesh, surgery etc as per individual horoscope
and strictly according to classical law. Remember that proper muhurth rectifies many
blemishes of individual horoscope. This is especially true for marriage, Grih parvesh,
starting of new venture as a new begning has been made. Muhurth is one of the most
important remedial aspects of astrology.

8. Vastu Consultancy         Minimum Price   -    Rs. 5000 / $120
Either through Map of the site Or By site visit
Note : We do not recommend any vastu changes in old buildings unless and until you are experiencing certain problems. Every part of your house indicates certain things any defect on that part results in defect related to that thing .If you are experiencing certain defect rectification to that area will be sufficient to solve your problem. To think of perfect vastu is an impossibility as it depends on so many factors such as surroundings, road orientation, magnetic[north-south] alignment, natural geographical condition and overall your horoscope pattern. EVERY VASTU HAS CERTAIN POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE ASPECT certain compensating factors are operating in every vastu. Remember that vastu is seen in totality not in isolation.

9. Remedial Measures         Rate as per remedy
This includes specific remedy as per your horoscope in the form of
  • Stone for weak but beneficial planets.
  • Grah [planet] Shanti [pacification] for inimical and afflicted planets.
  • Specific puja for particular purpose.
Efficacy of any remedy depends on faith, quality and procedure. It is the faith that makes you receptive. For any remedy quality of stone and procedure of Vedic rituals makes the remedy effective. Of course efficacy of remedy depends on the proportion of free will in your horoscope. We have properly trained pandit for Vedic puja and grah shanti this you can see live on my site. You are provided with login id for your puja purpose you can see the process and your puja live.
All the services are of specialized type. It requires personal attention so it will take some time. Kindly be patient. Max 5-7 days may be required.