यत् पिण्डे, तत् ब्रहामण्डे ||

As it is within, So it is above.

Atharva Veda (X.II.17)

Vedanga Jyotish - Eye of The Vedas

Vedanga Jyotish or Vedic Astrology is the science of connecting events to understand the causal relationships between various actions. It builds up on the fundamental principle that everything in this universe impacts all else in a quantifiable manner. The scope of Vedic Astrology is vast – ranging from Horoscopy and Ayurveda to Vastu and spiritual practices.


A horoscope is the snapshot of the planetary alignment at any given moment in time, for a particular location. Since the ‘moment of initiation’ itself determines the destiny of any entity, so an analysis of this ‘moment’ can tell how the subsequent events will unfold for that person or event.

When this horoscope is created for the moment of birth of a person, it is called the Birth Chart or Natal Chart. If created at the initiation of an event, it is called the Event Chart or Muhurta Chart. If created at the time when a query is raised, it is called the Query Chart or Prashna Chart.

Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra, or the “Science of Orientation” deals with the architecture and design of any building from an astrological perspective. Planetary position at the time of birth (as indicated in the horoscope), compels an individual to live with a certain pattern of events. This pattern also gets manifested in the type of building a person resides in.

Since analyzing the Vastu is as effective as analyzing the horoscope, improving the Vastu through simple aesthetic changes or minor reworks is one of the strongest remedies that can greatly open up the possibilities in a horoscope.

Portfolio of Services

In departure from today’s prevailing superfluous & superstitious astrological practices, our consulting services are in strict accordance to scientific principles as laid down in the Vedic scriptures. Our analysis and predictions place great importance to Desh (place), Kaal (time) and Patra (heredity) or 'The Context' as applicable for an individual or event.

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    Personal Horoscope

    Consultation around a specific area of life such as Education, Career, Wealth & Finance, Business Prospects, Health, Love & Relationship, Children & Family etc. Remedial suggestions included.

    from INR 2,100 | US$ 50
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    Business / Marriage

    Compatibility assessment for success of a Business Partnership or Marriage / Romance between two individuals, based on the mutual disposition of each towards the longevity and growth of the relation.

    from INR 1,500 | US$ 40
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    Muhurta Selection

    Analysis to determine the best possible Date/Time for auspicious activities such as Engagement, Signing a Contract, Journey, Buying a House etc. It is one of the most potent remedial aspects of Astrology.

    from INR 1,500 | US$ 40
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    Individual Birth-Time

    In case you do not have an accurate birth-time, the same can be determined by various methods including mapping key life events, which can then be used to make very good analysis and predictions.

    from INR 1,000 | US$ 30
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    Vastu Consultancy
    & Advisory

    Vastu deals with the alignment of your house in harmony with the cosmic elements. Thus, adjustments to your dweliing can improve overall well-being and also overcome your specific problems.

    from INR 6,000 | US$ 95

Sanjeev Ranjan Mishra

Astrologer & vastu expert

With over 42 years of experience across all major branches of Vedic Astrology, both as a professional and a teacher, Sanjeev Ranjan Mishra continues to be an understated, yet vastly respected powerhouse in the world of astrology. Widely considered as a leading authority on technical nuances of Nadi Astrology, his former students are now well established astrologers in three continents.

His expertise lies in guiding not just individuals, but also Businesses, Industries, Political Parties and Media Houses. He has authored more than 200 articles and research papers in various Astrology Publications and Journals.

Before devoting his life towards full-time perusal of astrology, Sanjeev Ranjan Mishra served as a Senior Lecturer of Economics at the Magadh University.

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